General Contractors

BB-Bid is THE solution for your pre-construction process. This free, internet-based application will streamline your current process and allow you to centralize, organize and manage information. With BB-Bid you have 24/7 access to the tools you need to make smart business decisions - from any Internet device – with no maintenance fees!

With enhanced technology and improved functionality, BB-Bid provides:

Private Vendor Management
  • A customized view so you can manage your vendors your way
  • Enhanced enterprise-wide ‘Search and Select’ to quickly build your project team
  • Ability to apply Blue Book Network intelligence to enhance decision-making
  • Track performance and safety

What the BB-Bid Difference means for Your Business...

BB-Bid’s Vendor Management features allow you to manage your vendors your way and enhance your decision making so you can quickly find the information you need, build your project team and mitigate your risk!

Public Database Intelligence Powered by
The Blue Book Network

  • Search, sort and select qualified vendors from the industry’s premier business intelligence database
  • Quickly choose thousands of vendors with the multiple trade selection tool in the ‘Vendor Wizard’
  • Increase your business opportunities by expanding your markets with qualified vendors nationwide, including minority and women owned businesses
  • Ensure current and accurate information on all your vendors with thousands of updates daily

What the BB-Bid Difference means for Your Business...

BB-Bid’s access to The Blue Book Network’s database enables you to quickly select thousands of qualified vendors, with the business intelligence you need to pick the right ones. Access to qualified vendors throughout the United States gives you the ability to increase your business opportunities!

Pre-Qualification Process

  • Analyze, qualify and certify your vendors to mitigate risk
  • Customize and create forms with the specific information you need to enable smart decision-making in hiring your project team
  • Secure communication and automated updates from your selected vendors streamline the process

What the BB-Bid Difference means for Your Business...

With the ability to send customized prequalification forms you can get the specific, targeted information you need to minimize your risk. Self-update capability for vendors along with Blue Book Business Intelligence ensure you are getting the most current and complete information so you can make more educated decisions.

Private Plan Room

  • Create and upload your project plans and specs
  • Plan Room Specialists will convert your files to PDF and label them
  • Full reporting of documents viewed, printed and downloaded for each bidder

What the BB-Bid Difference means for Your Business...

The Blue Book Network’s Private Plan Room makes it easy to share and communicate documents. You can eliminate the cost of printed plans and distribution. Plan Room reporting lets you track documents viewed and the activity of each of your bidding vendors to give you confidence on bid day and minimize risk.

Secure Communication Platform

  • Utilize reports to gauge interest level and confirm delivery to avoid risk
  • Improve deliverability with The Blue Book Network intelligence
  • The BB-Bid data communication team will follow up on undelivered messages to ensure your vendors receive your message and project details

What the BB-Bid Difference means for Your Business...

Messaging in BB-Bid gives you the control to send your communication quickly and easily to the vendors you want. BB-Bid also saves you time - as well as frustration- trying to confirm that your messages were delivered. Plus – with over 75% of messages being sent through email, you save on communication costs!

Get to work – and work smarter – with a network of subcontractors and suppliers waiting to work for you!